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Why See an Esthetician

When someone tells you they are an esthetician you may be wondering what that even means. It’s okay, we’ve heard it all…anesthesiologist comes to mind as to what people think we said when we tell them what we do. Far from it 😉

Think of an esthetician as your personal skin care coach who will be there to keep you on track for your skin journey. You will be provided with expert advice and a deeper understanding on how your everyday routine plays a huge part in your skin’s health. Your esthetician will customize a regimen specifically for you by considering your lifestyle, budget, and goals while taking the guesswork out on which products to use to achieve those goals. They will be there to guide you when your skin changes with the seasons or with age. An esthetician is someone who attended school to gain knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the skin, techniques on how to address different skin concerns, ingredient knowledge, waxing, lash extensions, brow laminations, facials, and the list goes on. Often times they continue to expand their knowledge and expertise to master their craft. They are going to be your biggest support system on the road to happy, healthy skin. Many times regular treatments become something you look forward to in order to unwind, with the perk of doing something your skin health benefits from.

Booking a facial is a great way to have your skin assessed and start the conversation for any current concerns. Often times people will see an esthetician to work on preventative care. Did you know taking the steps for preventative skin care is often easier than the process and time it takes to correct an issue? Having an esthetician in your corner will give you confidence in the skin you are in! We have amazing estheticians using Sorella in their professional treatments that would love to support you on your skin care journey. Please visit our spa locator to find an esthetician near you.