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If you are a talented and enthusiastic licensed esthetician or spa professional, we would love the opportunity to partner with you! Please fill out the inquiry and forms and we will follow up with you soon!
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Why should you partner with Sorella Apothecary?
We love beauty and skincare experts and we have so much to offer beyond our amazing products. We know you'll be obsessed!

“I love the line. With every new service or product launch, I feel that much more confident in my choice of Sorella as the number one product line in my spa!”
-Alexis M. Skin from Within, Integrative Wellness & Beauty, Woodbury, CT

The Sorella Culture

At Sorella Apothecary we believe in empowerment. We place confidence in transparency and value honesty throughout our company. We believe in a strong partnership with our professionals and value those relationships greatly. Your success is our success, and we are here for you!

Customer service is at the top of our priority list and we promise to always do our best to give our patrons more than they expect, and to help you go above and beyond their skin care expectations.

What We Offer Our Partners

Training Videos

Printable Downloads

We offer a slew of attractive printables that make your job easy!

• Consultation Form with or without a Sorella Apothecary logo
• Product Recommendation Form with or without a Sorella Apothecary logo
• Extensive White Sheets to help with product knowledge, training and sales

Product Spotlight Cards

A 4x6 card highlighting each product that is beautiful enough to frame! Add these to your shelves for easy shopping for your customers. Or bind them together for an easy pocket training guide for your team!

Quick Guide Training Tools

To make educating you and your team a breeze!

The Sister Program

The sister program is a partnership between the spa professional and Sorella Apothecary.

We believe strongly that our products are better used when distributed by a professional!

However, we see a large population out in the world that doesn’t understand the importance of the esthetician. We want to help educate THEM and help YOU tap into that market!

We only allow customers to buy on our website if they align themselves with a spa or esthetician that is a Sorella Apothecary partner in their area.

~This shows them that there’s a place to purchase products in person (thus allowing them to be administered the correct products for their specific needs and avoiding high shipping costs and wait time.)
~It also shows them a place where they can receive a wonderful professional and treatment with Sorella Apothecary products!


When these clients make a purchase through our website and choose you as their aligned partner the following two things will happen quarterly:

1. You will receive 20% of each purchase that is redeemable in Sorella Apothecary products.
2. You will receive the purchaser’s information so you are able to contact them and invite them into your facility.


Customers will be prompted to create an account before they are able to complete their online purchase.

They will be required to enter their “spa association” in order to complete setting up their account.

From then forward, the selected spa will be linked with the customer and you will receive 20% of any purchase made by that customer.


Begin by filling out the application below:

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