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Sorella Summit 2020 June 14th & June 15th, 2020


Sorella Summit 2020

Cost: $200 Per Attendee


Location: Sorella Apothecary Corp Office , Reno NV


Sunday, June 14th 

9:30-10am: Meet & Greet

10-11am: Introduction with the Co-founder Emily Sindlinger

11-1pm: Delve deeper into Sorella Product Knowledge with Lead Educator Rebecca Olpin

1-2pm: Lunch Provided by Sorella Apothecary 

2-5pm: Hands on training for our new signature Sorella Massage.  A comprehensive massage technique exclusive to Sorella Summit trainings that was created to address all areas of the face, neck and décolleté to firm, lift and brighten skin. 


Monday, June 15th 

8:30-9am: Meet & Greet

9am-12pm: Business Breakout Sessions  

  1. SMART Goals –Accomplish your goals by learning the art of making them SMART. Practice consistent follow up by tracking your success with the tools provided for you in this breakout session.  Come prepared to dive deeper into your monthly sales and break down goals for consistent growth. Set a plan for your future. 
  2. 5 Minute Consultation- How can you sell in this environment? On this journey will teach you how to double your profit by spending an extra five minutes with clients.  Watch products fly off your shelf by perfecting your consultation!  
  3. Building a successful retail process – Build upon your current retail process, see what is or isn’t working within our space.   Refine and implement and to achieve results. 

12:30: Completion of Training 

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