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Content & Creative Lead -

FULL TIME (Reno, NV) To apply please submit your resume and cover letter to: hello@sorellaapothecary.com

The content & creative lead will be expected to serve as a copywriter, designer, with creative background experience.  Must show an an aptitude not only for the creative side, but for the business side of advertising and marketing

Job Summary: 

  • Creativity: Invent new ideas for branding, advertising campaigns and marketing messages. Needs to understand design and smart copy, and recognize fresh approaches to advertising.
  • Analytical Skills: Advertising and marketing is ever-evolving and the right candidate will be able to analyze trends, look at new data and keep with the times.
  • Decision-Making Skills: A strong knowledge in advertising campaigns, creating timelines.  
  • Interpersonal Skills: Will meet with corporate heads and clients on a regular basis. Being a good communicator to all involved will help greatly.
  • Management Skills: The candidate will need maintain and develop the creative schedule and relay progress on current projects. 

Experience Required:  

Video Editing, Branding, Film Editing, Digital Photography, Marketing, Art Direction, Social Media Marketing, Photo Editing Software, Creative Concept Design, Magazine Design


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